What’s on Jon’s back?

Like Jen, for our close to a year of travel I have a backpack full of clothes, toiletries, and gear + the electronics.


36 things to wear:   3 shorts, 8 t-shirts, 7 boxer-briefs, 6 pairs of socks, a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, a pair of jeans, hiking pants (that can convert to shorts), all in packing sacs.   A puffy jacket, a rain jacket, trail running shoes, Chaco’s, visor, baseball cap, beanie hat and gloves.   To buy on trip:  button-down going out shirt, flip flops.

14 pieces of gear:  sleeping bag, silk liner, tent, knife, duct tape, zip ties, travel towel, day bag, dirty clothes bag, travel guide books (2), headlamp, journal, and 60 liter backpack.

13 toiletry items:  deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, face soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razor, sunscreen, bug spray, all in plastic bags.

11 pieces of electronics:  camera, iPod, iPhone (his & hers, WiFi only), Global Droid (for voice using SIM cards), laptop, external hard drive, Nook (his & hers), backup charger, plug adapter, and headphones.





Icebreaker hooded thin jacket and long-sleeve shirt and Patagonia rain jacket and puffy.

Below, light-weight jeans, North Face hiking pants (double as shorts with tear-away legs), Brooks trail running shoes, and Chaco’s (Jen made me get them, but must admit very functional).   I need to get cheap flip flops for showers and beach 🙂




Mesh shorts (will wear them biking along the way), visor, baseball cap, cotton boxer-briefs, swim trunks, various biking and hiking socks, and running shorts.

Gray v-neck t-shirt (my one “going out shirt”, will probably pick-up a button-down along the way), Nike running shirt, and Quicksilver plaid shorts (my favorite pair, only ones I brought, we’ll see how long they last)

IMG_1312 (2)

Icebreaker, Ex-Officio and Under Armour boxer briefs, Under Armour running shirt, Icebreaker base-layer (medium weight) t-shirt, and finally four Icebreaker t-shirts to wear nearly everyday of the trip.



Going small and light, so point-and-shoot camera only: a 16 mega pixel Canon Powershot A2500 (goes in green case below), 10″ Asus T100 Notebook/Tablet, 1 TB External hard drive with DropBox cloud backup, 2 nooks, backup USB mobile charger (the blue stick below), international plug adapter, iPod touch, iPod Nano, his and her ear bud headphones, headphone splitter, and iPhone5’s.



Tent, sleeping bag…


…duct tape, zip ties, dirty clothes bag, hat and gloves, toiletries, travel books (took Southern Africa and Southeast Asia, shipped Australia and New Zealand to Jen’s friend in Australia), and Eagle Creek travel bags (all those white bags for packing clothes, a MUST HAVE, incredible how helpful they are to organize and condense packing)…


…another dirty clothes bag, more toiletries, knife, mace (Jen made me bring it), towel, journal (thanks, Loucine!), silk sleeping bag liner, day pack…


…and the backpack to fit it all in!!!



2 thoughts on “What’s on Jon’s back?”

  1. Update on this:

    Jon did not pack quite as well 🙂 Jon had to pick up:

    two more pair of casual shorts (discarded his one and only pair he originally brought)
    two more cotton t shirts
    two more sport/activity t shirts (as the Icebreaker t shirts didn’t work well with hot sweaty SE Asia!)
    A pair of flip flops
    a few more pairs of underwear

    Jen patiently sat through all of the shopping.

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