Thai Island Hopping 1: Phuket, Koh Yao


We started our tour through tropical paradise in Thailand’s best known, biggest, and ugliest island:  Phuket.  We did meet a lovely Irish couple (hi Breffni and Orla!) and we even learned how to pick a delicious and un-smelly durian fruit.  Yes, it’s true.  We are DURIAN-LOVERS!  After a couple of nights, we had enough of the strip malls, trash-filled beaches, and grouchy Russian tourists, and so we headed for a less-touristy island:  Koh Yao Yoi.

– Note:  Our camera was left under the bed in Phuket, so all of the photos are from the iPhone until we recover the camera in Bangkok!


This one was fun because we found the gorgeous and less-travelled island on a fluke:  Jen looked at a map, and wondered why she had never heard of the giant islands right next to Phuket.  After a quick google search of the island revealed the phrase, “one of the last unspoiled islands in Thailand,” we planned our trip there immediately.

The island lived up to its accolades: the scenery was stunning and the people were kind and Thai-quirky.  For example, on arrival, our taxi driver told us, “You are welcome to Thailand!” at least 10 times, before suddenly pulling over and declaring that it was time to take photos.  An awkward photo session of epic proportions ensued session.  For every shot he would arrange us with expert precision:  hands held, Jen’s head tilted against Jon’s chest.  He was adorably wacky in a way that reminded Jen why she loves Thailand.

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The view and the pool at our bungalows were stunning, and we hardly left the resort for 3 days.  We met Canadian writers, Kristen and Kavi, who were also on an extended RTW journey, and together we took a long kayaking trip to a nearby beach, and later celebrated Kristin’s birthday, a couple of times.


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