Thai Island Hopping 2: Railay

Next we moved onto a rocky outcropping in Krabi province, called Railay.   The views of the karst limestone islands are gorgeous; we could hardly contain our excitement on the boat ride in.  We stayed up on a hill in a beautiful valley surrounded by cliff instead of the beach, as the island is packed with people.

We rock climbed one day, and hiked up to a view point and lagoon the next day.  After our hikes, we hung out on a gorgeous beach, with an interesting shrine in the cave.  A nice island day…until:  ANIMALS ATTACK!  First, while we were relaxing on the beach, a green snake slithered across our blankets!  We were on our feet before we realized what had happened.  Then a few minutes later as we were walking back to our hotel, a rather large monkey jumped onto the path in front of us and briskly walked straight at us.  Jon bolted, Jen tried to run, but the monkey pursued.  When he was very close, Jen thrust her plastic bottle at him, as protection, or a last ditch effort, or the only thing she could think to do.  It turned out that’s what he had wanted all along:  the plastic bottle of iced tea!  He climbed a tree, opened the bottle and drank it.  We felt a little bad for giving him the bottle, but relieved to have avoided further confrontation.


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