More Bangkok

From Koh Tao, we took a ferry to a small town called Chumphon, then a bus up the coast back to Bangkok.  We spent two nights in Bangkok to recharge with some big city food and drinks, and to meet up for a day with Nuwan and his wife Antje – we hadn’t met Antje yet, and we needed to get our camera back!

Nuwan and Antje took us to a recently re-developed riverfront area called Asianique.  We walked around the markets, cafes and restaurants, took a ferris wheel ride, and enjoyed some very tasty (albeit expensive) Western beer.

IMG_1382 (2)
Scenic Ferris Wheel ride over Bangkok Riverfront!
Jen coveting her first non-Asian beer in a month…

We admired the sunset, the lights set up for the queen’s birthday, and headed for our first Western dinner in awhile.

Wat Arun from our sunset river taxi ride
IMG_1412 (2)
Bangkok decked-up for the Queen’s Birthday celebration

IMG_1415 (2)

We ended up back towards Nuwan and Antje’s neighborhood, first having dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, a super yummy Lebanese place, then to one of the few breweries and tap rooms in Bangkok.

IMG_1417 (2)
Enjoying a Lebanese feast with Antje and Nuwan

It was fun to hang out with Nuwan again and meet Antje, and a great re-charge to be in Bangkok and indulge on some big city treats.  The next day we caught our bus and headed to our next stop:  Cambodia!


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