Jen and “Frank”, the golden retriever of the Reef who LOVES to follow divers and snorkelers, getting pet and his picture taken.


One thought on “IMG_6052”

  1. Didn’t you hesitate at first or did you just go up with a “Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Jen.” and then pet his nose, oops no nose, the top of his head? I cannot get over how human-like he appears. He is looking right at you, trusts you to do him no harm and seems to be happy in your presence. Does he have a mate? Are there more Franks that you saw. He’s the best. May he live a long life! He certainly captures your attention and you wonder about his “story”. Can’t believe that he hasn’t become a celebrity which would not be good for him. Thanks for introducing us to all your “new friends” but especially for letting us meet Frank who is a charmer!

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