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More Bangkok

From Koh Tao, we took a ferry to a small town called Chumphon, then a bus up the coast back to Bangkok.  We spent two nights in Bangkok to recharge with some big city food and drinks, and to meet up for a day with Nuwan and his wife Antje – we hadn’t met Antje yet, and we needed to get our camera back!

Nuwan and Antje took us to a recently re-developed riverfront area called Asianique.  We walked around the markets, cafes and restaurants, took a ferris wheel ride, and enjoyed some very tasty (albeit expensive) Western beer.

IMG_1382 (2)
Scenic Ferris Wheel ride over Bangkok Riverfront!
Jen coveting her first non-Asian beer in a month…

We admired the sunset, the lights set up for the queen’s birthday, and headed for our first Western dinner in awhile.

Wat Arun from our sunset river taxi ride
IMG_1412 (2)
Bangkok decked-up for the Queen’s Birthday celebration

IMG_1415 (2)

We ended up back towards Nuwan and Antje’s neighborhood, first having dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, a super yummy Lebanese place, then to one of the few breweries and tap rooms in Bangkok.

IMG_1417 (2)
Enjoying a Lebanese feast with Antje and Nuwan

It was fun to hang out with Nuwan again and meet Antje, and a great re-charge to be in Bangkok and indulge on some big city treats.  The next day we caught our bus and headed to our next stop:  Cambodia!


Four nights in Bangkok

Bangkok, city of smells, hot hot heat, amazing street food, pretty lady boys, noodle soup breakfasts, speeding Skytrain, seedy red light districts, swank hotels, and did I mention humid hot heat?

We had saved up some errands for Bangkok as anything and everything you could ever want is available.  For cheap.  For us, that meant haircuts, sidewalk seamstress, and even the dentist.   A nice break from touring and we got to experience the streets of Bangkok like a local.

We did also get out to see the main tourist sights of Bangkok:  a hot and quick tour of the Grand Palace, Wat Po, Khao San Road (had to walk through for the spectacle), the river, and some fab rooftop bars, where we contemplated a city of 8-15 million people, depending on who you ask.

We also had a great time meeting up with Jen’s friend from an internship in Bangkok, who showed us artsy hipster Bangkok, including an awesome crab broil dinner at a fun restaurant!  So fun to catch up with him.

Jen was in heaven to be back in Thailand, her favorite place.  Plumeria flowers, thai food, thai smiles, and incredible scenery.  Speaking of, onto the beaches!