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Victoria Falls

From Chobe, our next stop was Victoria Falls, which is on the boarder of Zambia and Zimbabwe – we decided to stay on the Zim side for a host of logistical reasons.   We stayed at a fun, laid-back “backpackers” with a really nice atmosphere – it had a reggae, artist vibe to it.  As we found out later, it is the only bar in town, so many locals and tourists flooded the place, which made for a great place to watch the World Cup!

As for the falls themselves – well, they’re one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and the largest waterfall in the world – so of course it was incredible!   We did visit on both the Zam and Zim sides – amazing how much water came up from the power of the falls – when you get up close along the cliffs across from the falls, it’s as if you are in the middle of a monsoon!  We both got happily soaked.

We had our first few travel snafus – bus miss-communications, broken (soaked) local cell phone, visa rip-offs.  But we figured this was to be expected in Zim, and realized we’ve had virtually no travel problems for our entire trip in Africa so far…pretty amazing.

Before leaving town, we took a walk to the largest Baobab tree in Zim, and one of the largest in the World!  They estimate this tree to be between 1000-1500 years old!